Executive Coaching Quality for Everyone

Your People Your Solution approach is to partner with you to enable a culture in your organization where your people are valued, developed, and fulfilled. Organizational potential is about human potential.

Executive Coaching has proven to be a powerful tool to help executives improve their leadership skills, decision-making, and overall effectiveness.  Most successful leaders now work with a coach. Our solution is created for organizations that understand their people are their greatest asset –ALL their people.

Up until now, that has been the extent of executive coaching presence in organizations:  It has been limited to those in named leadership positions.  Your People Your Solution was created to remove this limitation.  Non-leaders (or leaders without a leadership title) need to develop their skills and their potential in order to improve the organization’s performance. In addition, investing in an organization’s people has a dramatic impact on the culture and climate of the organization.

By utilizing out our custom offering, your people will be able to target areas for growth and improvement and have the opportunity for both personal and professional development.  In addition, each individual will be better prepared for both current and future challenges.  Often, recipients of coaching also develop a renewed excitement about their work and their profession.

Orit Ramler Szulik
Co-Founder: Certified Coach & Learning SpecialistOrit Ramler Szulik brings a wealth of professional experience to her activities as a coach, trainer, and consultant. A seasoned executive, entrepreneur, manager, educator and fundraiser in both business and the not-for-profit sector, Orit is also a trained Learning Specialist and Certified Coach. This background informs and enriches her coaching in many ways, making her […]
Eric Larsen, CPCC, PCC, TMC
Co Founder: Executive Coach and Leadership ConsultantAs an experienced executive and an authority on leadership, Eric Larsen has lived the principles that he brings forth in his executive coaching practice. Prior to focusing on coaching, Eric spent 30 years in the business world, much of that time in management, leadership, and executive positions in regional and global technology companies. During that […]